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Tomoson | #PowerUp Lightning Cable Charger

I might be the only one with issues that the charger Apple provides their customers who use their products. It's great to use when you're sitting right near the device but what if you needed to reach something a bit further away, or if you're laying in bed and would like your phone to charge while you're laying and not have to lean over your bed in order to see your phone? Those were my main issues, so when I reached out to a company via Tomoson, they were gracious enough to allow me to review their product. The PowerUp Lightning Cable Charger can be ordered on! It retails for $9.99 but through the company I was able to purchase it at a discount to review, at this point my PRIME expired so I had to pay shipping as well so this product wasn't free for me (FTC don't come for me please, I think I say this on just about every post... either it's FREE or at a discounted rate so that I can give my honest review). But back to the point, this charger is…
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Tomoson | #REMZES Starry String Lights Campaign

Never thought that I'd be back to do reviews for Tomoson, but because I love to review and I couldn't let go of the fact that this site was the haven for people to get items free (well some of them) and work with businesses to review items for them, I had to go back. So with that being said lets talk about REMZES Starry String Lights.

Business photo of item... I don't claim the rights to this photo!
These lights add a nice little ambiance wherever you decide to add them. I preferred to add them to my bedroom considering that I don't have a lamp in my room. I only have the light attached to my fan so when it's time to switch off my light the fan goes off too. I got tired of switching the light off with the switch so I wanted to add something to my room that will light it up and still let my fan run separately. I applied to review the string lights and also sent the company a note to let them know how interested I was in reviewing for them. A few days later my wish c…

Influenster | Origins #MyPerfectWorld VoxBox

(Origins @ Disney Springs)
I know I remember saying that I was going to make a video about this event but I'm not going to that length. I don't have a clue why I'm not feeling like doing YouTube videos anymore but I have the time to blog about the experience I had at the Origins "My Perfect World" event at Disney Springs here in Orlando, FL. First of all Origins is a

BISHWhet!? The Podcast*

New year, new ventures... I've been podcasting for a minute! However, I wanted to see how things would be on the opposite side of the spectrum. Podcasting has a very large audience and I enjoy catering to everyone's listening needs. My radio station is geared towards entertainment news and other B.S. y'all read at the top of the blogs in the world but I put my hilarious twist and opinions on said topics. I guess everyone likes to hear me talk or atleast laugh at what I have to say but the experience has been wonderful. This month I choose to keep recording at the cost of $15 per month with SoundCloud in hopes that this venture would be something I'd like to continue doing. So far so good! As long as I can keep up with recording every week I think I'll be good. Let me know what you think, I put the 1st episode below so that you can hear it, if you like it then feel free to subscribe and listen to the other episodes! :-)

All WRITE | She's Back

Is this true?
In most cases it is... However, in my case I don't know what the hell has come over me. I started off as a blogger, but now I truly don't know what I am. A jack of all trades perhaps? I HAVEN'T BLOGGED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF 2017! OMG, I don't know. If I'm really being honest with myself, I have no idea if this is a hobby or if it's something I'm really serious about. Between blogging (which I've neglected), doing YouTube videos (that are not being filmed anymore) and now doing a funny/entertaining podcast (well I still need work on it). I've been doing this for years and I still can't put my finger on what I'm missing. I don't have many subscribers and I lose more followers on a daily basis than I do gaining them. It's like I have to either fall in line with what everyone else is doing or exploit myself for followers, so it's making me feel like what's the point of doing social media if I can't be myself? W…

Influenster | L'Oreal EverCurl Voxbox

+Influenster knows what I like when it comes to the complimentary voxboxes they send over to me. This time around I received a L'Oreal EverCurl trio! The trio includes shampoo, conditioner and gel, all in the coconut oil scent and just enough richness to have your curls looking more revitalized as they've ever been.

Influenster | Do something fun in 2017!

Okay... So I know people like free things, I decided to go ahead and share that I've received so many free things via a platform called Influenster! I know you're thinking, what is Influenster? Its a simple way to review items that everyone wants FREE! You don't get to choose the items that are sent to you in a box but you are sent a box depending upon what you review the most about! So here's the link: